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Legal Plan Ranking: #4
US Legal is one of the oldest online legal forms sites on the Internet, and the website includes a wide range of forms and a number of useful legal resources. The company’s pricing is reasonable, and it has a high rating on the BBB website. Because of these reasons, we recommend US Legal for online legal form downloads and subscriptions.


US Legal offers personal and business legal forms online, specializing in estate planning services. The company’s LegalLife Legacy Bundle Special includes a state-specific last will, living will and power of attorney, and other helpful estate planning features, for just $45.00. Or, you can select their Last Will and Testament package to get a will, power of attorney, estate planning questionnaire and worksheets, and additional forms including medical directives and declarations for guardian appointments, for $79.95. The company also offers subscription services, giving you anytime access to thousands of forms. Their Personal Legal Forms subscription service costs $19.95/month, and the Business Legal Forms subscription costs $29.95/month.


US Legal Forms are ready made so you can access them instantly.

Ease of Use

US Legal forms are easy to use. For most forms, you start by selecting your state, and then view a free preview of the form. You can choose to either download the form to your computer, or receive a printed hard copy in the mail, for an additional fee. Forms can be edited in Word or WordPerfect, or you can request a PDF or HTML file, if you prefer.

Neat Feature #1: Free Previews

For most forms, you can see a free preview of the product before you purchase it. This helps to ensure you know what you’re getting, from the beginning.

Neat Feature #2: LegalLife Resource Center

US Legal’s LegalLife Resource Center provides free information to help customers understand the law. Tools include a guide to creating a Life Documents File, Personal Planning Packages, and more.

Neat Feature #3: Free Legal Dictionary

The US Legal website offers a free legal dictionary that lets you browse terms and definitions alphabetically, or enter a legal term into a search window to find its definition.

Customer Support

Online support is available by live chat, or customers can call US Legal’s toll-free number. The website also includes a Help page, with legal resources, FAQs and a Call Back Request form.

Attorney Support

Attorneys own and operate US Legal, and attorneys either draft or officially approve all forms on the website. You can use the company’s Attorney Directory to locate an attorney in your area, or access Just Answer’s Ask a Lawyer service to securely get answers about various legal matters.

State Specific Info

According to the US Legal Forms website, the company is the leading publisher of state-specific legal forms online. The website includes a search window that allows you to select your state and search for state-specific legal forms.

Additional Services

US Legal Forms has a very wide variety of legal forms, including Real Estate Forms, Family Law Forms, Business Forms, Estate Planning Forms, Landlord Tenant Forms and Power of Attorney documents. The company also offers legal form document preparation and review services, as well as business formation services.

BBB Accredited

US Legal is a BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating.

USLegalForms Reviews and Testimonials

We found nine US Legal Forms reviews on the BBB website at the time of this review. Surprisingly, all nine were five-star reviews.

In Business Since

US Legal has been in business since 1997. According to the company’s website, it has more than three million satisfied customers.


There were 0 complaints for US Legal on the BBB website, at the time of this US Legal review writing. A Google search for “US Legal Reviews” found this complaint on Ripoff Report, indicating that a customer could not edit their Word document.


Because of its low cost, BBB rating, positive reviews and impressive longevity in the online legal forms industry, we recommend US Legal Forms for your legal form needs.

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