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Use our comparison charts to compare the best legal form providers before you buy. We researched the most popular legal form websites and compare the top 5 against each other in an apples-to-apples comparison chart.

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We provide in-depth reviews and analysis of the best online legal form providers in each major category (i.e. uncontested divorce forms, business formation, online wills, and trademark registrations).

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Divorce Forms

divorce forms

If you can follow instructions, you can represent yourself in an uncontested divorce. There are many online divorce form providers that provide divorce forms to those of you that don’t want to pay an attorney to handle your uncontested divorce. Compare Online Divorce Forms


online incorporation

Business formation attorneys have historically represented individuals in the business formation process. However, many online business incorporation websites now facilitate business formations without the necessity of hiring an attorney. The Best Incorporation Services

Estate Planning

estate planning forms

Online estate planning forms have become a very popular alternative to estate planning attorneys. An online industry has filled the demand for a low cost alternative when it comes to handling your estate and preparing a Last Will and Testament. Compare Estate Planning Forms


online trademark

The name of your business is very important and should be protected nationally with a federal trademark. Online trademark companies are a popular way to complete the trademark application process without hiring a lawyer. Compare Trademark Providers