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Rocket Lawyer offers simple, affordable legal documents and services, with an attorney review. Rocket Lawyer has one of the best will and estate planning documents, Rocket Lawyer also offers monthly legal plans, incorporation, divorce, and trademarks.
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Rocket Lawyer Form Library

Rocket Lawyer has a MASSIVE legal form library. They have business forms, personal forms, divorce & family law forms like prenups, promissory notes, wills, deeds, leases, bills of sale, etc. Here are few categories and forms with links to the actual forms:

How Much is Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer is different from many legal form websites in that it promotes monthly subscriptions with unlimited access to forms and attorney services. While Rocket Lawyer’s documents are also available on an à la carte basis, you may get better rates and more value by purchasing monthly membership, especially since there is no penalty for cancellation. For example, for $39.99/month, the Premium membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to comprehensive legal document library
  • Document review by attorney
  • 30 minutes with a attorney on every new legal matter
  • Document protection
  • Online signatures
  • Secure cloud storage

If you want to try before you buy, Rocket Lawyer offers a free, one-week trial membership. You can create legal forms on a one-time basis, download, and then cancel your membership before it auto-renews. If you want to sign up again later for more documents, Rocket Lawyer won’t lose your forms.

If you are starting a business and want to incorporate, an Accelerate membership might offer more value than the Premium membership. For $49.95 per month, incorporation costs are waived and you get free registered agent service for your first year in business. Of course, to maintain the registered agent service, you would need to keep your subscription active. For those who don’t wish to become members, you can pay a one-time fee of $99.95 for incorporation processing, and add-on extras like registered agent service ($149.95/year) separately. These rates are in line with competing online legal form services.


The online legal documents you create using Rocket Lawyer are available to you for immediate download. You may edit documents as needed, sign them electronically, and get signatures for others, without waiting for documents to arrive in the mail. Of course, if documents must be signed in the presence of a notary, or papers must be filed with the state, you will have to take state filing times into consideration.

Ease of Use

We tested out Rocket Lawyer’s services to create a lease agreement, and found it pretty simple to use. Sign up for a free one-week membership, select the form you wish to create, and answer a series of questions. Based on your answers, the legal document is created automatically. While the lease agreement was basically acceptable, we did find it lacking in a few details and protections. Fortunately, it included review by a professional attorney and was easy enough to edit and add the necessary provisions. Signing was simple and quick, and the finished document was available for download as a PDF or editable Word document.

Full Editing Capabilities

You can change answers, reprint, or edit your forms as often as you like, with no additional fees. Some competitors, including LegalZoom, only provide editing capabilities for 30 days.

Bonus #1: Sign Online & Invite Others to Sign

If you’ve bought or sold a house, signed a lease, applied for a loan, or completed any other routine legal transaction lately, you may have enjoyed the convenience of online signing services. Digital signing allows you to review legal documents on your computer screen or phone, sign remotely from anywhere, and instantly send your signed documents to the requestor and/or other signatories. It can save a trip to an attorney’s office, eliminate postage fees, and vastly speed up processing times for any legal document. Rocket Lawyer includes digital signing with your membership, so you can sign your legal documents online, and invite others to sign as well. We think this is a great feature.

Bonus #2: Document Defense

Whether you’re starting a new business, running your business, or dealing with personal matters, it’s helpful to have an attorney on your side. Rocket Lawyer offers Document Defense™ as a free membership benefit, enabling you to request assistance from a Rocket Lawyer On Call® attorney, if and when you need it. A qualified attorney will personally review your situation and assist you in enforcing your legal documents. This can be helpful in clearing up disputes regarding payment contracts, rent agreements, and more.

Customer Support

You can get customer support by phone, email, or chat, Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PT. Beyond answering basic product and service questions, Rocket Lawyer also has a helpful “Ask a Lawyer” feature that lets you ask a legal question of an independent attorney in the Rocket Lawyer On Call network. Simply click the “Ask a Lawyer” link on the Rocket Lawyer website, type in your question, and request an answer via email or by phone.

Attorney Support

Rocket Lawyer is one of the few services that provides actual attorneys to support you.

State-Specific Info

Forms are filtered by state when you begin completing the online questionnaire. So, rather than selecting your state and then browsing forms available, you should start by looking for the legal forms you need. Once you start working on a form, you’ll be asked where you reside right away, ensuring the correct forms and fields are used.


The Rocket Lawyer Quality Guarantee provides a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with your business’s incorporation.

Wide Selection of Legal Forms

Rocket Lawyer offers a wide selection of online legal forms, organized by personal and business forms, and further by category. You can find online divorce forms, estate planning forms, landlord and tenant forms, business formation documents, and much, much more. However, you might need a little legal knowledge (or a fair amount of online research) to identify which forms you need for a given situation, and in what order to complete them.

Rocket Lawyer Reviews & Testimonials

Like all big companies, you’ll find good and bad Rocket Lawyer reviews online. We did find three negative Rocket Lawyer reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, all of which were about needing a credit card to start the free trial. But Rocket Lawyer has served over 900,000 businesses and created more than 3 million legal documents, so three negative reviews is actually amazing. Nevertheless, any negative reviews are concerning, but with Rocket Lawyer you can always purchase a free trial and cancel your membership if you’re not satisfied.

Rocket Lawyer has been a BBB-accredited business since December 6, 2006 and maintains an A+ rating.

In Business Since

Rocket Lawyer has been in business since August of 2008. In the online legal form industry, this is a long time.


The Rocket Lawyer website is secured by Norton Secured, one of the most respected names in Internet security.


We found Rocket Lawyer to be a useful, affordably priced service for accessing online legal forms. We love their digital signing feature for speeding up processing, and appreciate the fact that one can access completed legal forms even after membership has been cancelled. The membership is a great value, considering it includes unlimited legal forms of any kind, as well as consultations and document review with an attorney.
Ability to Edit10
Ease of Use9.9

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"I used my free trial to generate my will. Very professional."
-David Harris
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