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Overall Ranking: #1
Incfile landed at the top spot in our list for many reasons. It is rare when we find a company that has so few negatives and even more rare when they are also the most economical. You can read about all of the reasons why we love IncFile below, but don't forget compare IncFile to the best LLC services.
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How Much is IncFile?

When you look at all of the IncFile reviews, the thing that is most evident is the low price. IncFile now offers a FREE package (you only pay the state filing fees) that includes a free year of Registered Agent services ($119 value). If you want additional services like a custom Operating Agreement ($40) or Employer Identification Number ($70), your total cost can be a little greater. Still, you can bundle features and get a good value. Incfile’s Gold Package includes most essential features for $149, which is less than most competitors — and the Platinum package is priced at a reasonable $299. As with any online business incorporation package, the state filing fee is not included in the advertised pricing.
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Price of the Essential Features

The “essential features” are what we call the most desired services: (1) preparation and filing of LLC paperwork with the state; (2) within two business days; (3) with a custom/personalized operating agreement; and (4) a federal tax ID/EIN.

IncFile’s $0 Silver Package comes with only 2 of the 4 essential features. The easiest way to get to all of the Essential Features described above is to get the Silver Package then add an operating agreement and EIN for $110. However, you can spend $39 more and get the Gold Package ($149). The $149 Gold Package includes all of the services included in the Silver Package PLUS a Federal Tax ID/EIN; Operating Agreement; Banking Resolution; S-Corp Election; AND a Company Book. As such, we believe IncFile’s Gold Package is the best value. Take a look at the price points above and see what is included in each package.

Which IncFile Package is Best?

IncFile’s Gold Package ($149 + state fees) is by far the best value. You’ll receive all 4 of the essential features (see above) plus a Company Book.


Infile process all orders on the same or next business day. First class mailing is standard with the Silver or Gold formation package, or you can pay $25 to receive your package by FedEx. This service is included with the Platinum Package. If you want your documents immediately, you can pay $25 for electronic delivery with the Silver Package, or get it free with Gold or Platinum. Filing times vary by state, and you can also pay to have these expedited.

Ease of Use

When you look at IncFile’s website, you’ll instantly notice that it is easy to use. They even advertise the ability to incorporate in five minutes or less. From the home page, you simply select entity type and state, and click the “Get Started” Button. Then, just select your package, fill out the information, and submit your payment. This looks easy. We also like the “Order Status” tracker, which shows a progress bar indicating how far along you are in completing your order.

Speak with a SPECIALIST

One of the most underrated items we discovered in our review of IncFile is that you can talk to an Incorporation Specialist not a Salesperson! They don’t employ salesmen. All of their staff has at least 6 years experience incorporating new businesses.

Registered Agent Services

You’ll get one year of free registered agent service with IncFile. After the first year, you will be charged $119/year to continue using IncFile’s registered agent. You can cancel their registered agent service at anytime, but you will want to make sure you cancel registered agent service BEFORE the annual renewal so you do not get charged for the subsequent year.

Neat Feature #1: Lifetime Company Alerts

This free feature sends you e-mail notifications of required state filings, such as annual reports, business licenses and more, making it easier to stay in compliance.

Neat Feature #2: Free Business Tax Consultation

All clients will receive a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with a free business tax professional. This can be helpful if you have tax questions about your new business.

Neat Feature #3: Order Tracking Tool

Incfile has an order tracking tool that will allow you to monitor the status of your order in real time.

Neat Feature #4: Business Formation Specialists

Incfile is solely focused on helping customers create new businesses. Since they don’t offer other legal services, such as online divorce forms or wills, they may be more knowledgeable about the business formation services they do offer.

Customer Support

Customer support is available by phone or email. They also have an online help center. IncFile’s phone support appears to be under-staffed as speaking to a live person takes longer than expected. They suggest using the messaging tool found at the bottom right of each page of their site as the fastest way to communicate with a live person.

How Reliable is IncFile

IncFile is great at certain things: Ease of use, the speed in which they perform business formation services, annual reminders, etc. Their customer service is not their strong suit. I suspect they will staff up on support services, but currently their efforts are focused on the things they do well. So “How reliable is IncFile?” They are reliably quick and easy to use, but when you need to to speak with someone they are not as reliable as one would hope.

Attorney Support

Incfile’s customer support professionals are not attorneys, and they do not provide legal advice. This is typical of most online business formation websites, and it’s the primary reason why their prices are lower than hiring an attorney to form your business.

State-Specific Info

You can form a new business in any state with The website includes a unique state-by-state LLC search feature in its Learning Center, where you can click on an interactive map for state-specific information. This is a good feature, because rules for LLCs are different in each state.


IncFile provides a Norton Shopping Guarantee, which includes $10,000 ID Theft Protection, a $1,000 Purchase Guarantee, and a $100 Lowest Price Guarantee.

IncFile Reviews and Testimonials

You can find a handful of Incfile reviews on the company’s testimonials page. Most companies post only positive reviews on their websites, so a less biased source might be the Better Business Bureau. IncFile has an incredible 11,931 reviews on ShopperApproved. 83% of these reviews are the maximum 5 star and 95% are 4 or 5 star.

Additional Services

You can choose to form an LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or Nonprofit. From there, you can choose your state and select the package that’s right for you. Once you form your business, you can select other services, such as filing an annual report or franchise tax report, ordering registered agent services, and filing amendments, dissolutions, foreign qualifications, and more.

In Business Since has been around since 2004, and helped more than 250,000 customers form their businesses.

Security is an Authorize.Net Verified Merchant, and a Norton Secured website. It has a valid SSL certificate, indicating that it encrypts and secures your private information. The site is also regularly scanned for vulnerability.


Because of its low price, A+ BBB ranking, the ability to speak to a specialist (not a salesperson), and large number of satisfied customers, we highly recommend and consider them as one of the best incorporation service available whether you are forming a new corporation or LLC.

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ShopperApproved Reviews
"Awesome service. Very quick, easy and straight to the point. They take all the hassle and worry out of renewal so you can concentrate on running your business. I LOVE INCFILE!"
-Kamulah T. Image