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TermsFeed is an online legal agreement provider for businesses and individuals who need privacy policies (including GDPR compliant privacy policies), disclaimers, terms and conditions or other legal agreements for their websites or mobile apps. These policies are required by law in many countries — and TermsFeed makes it easy to create and customize them. TermsFeed’s online legal forms work for websites, mobile iOS and Android apps, desktop apps and Facebook apps.
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How Much is TermsFeed?

TermsFeed provides basic legal agreements free of charge — however, payment is required for premium agreements. The price you pay for your agreement will vary depending on the items you need. For example, if you’re generating a privacy policy, you’ll pay $7 extra if the policy is for a business (vs. for an individual), $6 extra if you plan to collect email addresses through your website or app, and $9 extra if your site is accessible to International users. These fees do add up — but in most cases, you will still pay much less than you might pay an attorney to generate your online legal agreements.

Since we didn’t see a full listing of all fees anywhere on the website, we went through the steps to create a sample privacy policy for a website. For a company with a modest advertising and analytical budget, you might expect to spend around $54. If you select all the add-ons available, the cost for the policy would be $166. While we wish that TermsFeed included a detailed pricing guide for each of its forms, we do like the flexibility of the a la carte service, which allows you to customize forms to your business, selecting only the services you need. Also, if you use the legal form generator, it’s easy to see the price for each add-on, so you can estimate your total cost before submitting payment.

Overall, TermsFeed estimates that it saves users $200 per agreement, when compared to attorney’s fees. You only pay once for premium agreements, and all online legal agreements include free hosting and linking as well as free notifications when it’s time to upgrade your agreement or policy because of regulatory changes.

Types of Agreements Provided

The online legal forms facilitated by TermsFeed include the following: privacy policy, cookies policy, terms & conditions, disclaimer, end user license agreement (eula) and return & refund policies.


Instead of waiting for a lawyer to respond to your requests, TermsFeed.com creates your online legal forms immediately. All you need to do is select the form you wish to generate, answer the questions, and submit your card information. For most forms, this process only takes about 5 minutes.

Ease of Use

TermsFeed makes it easy to create privacy policies, terms of agreement, and other legal documents. Simply select the agreement you wish to create, enter your business information, and answer a few questions. After you submit payment information, your online legal documents will be generated and emailed to you instantly.

Neat Feature #1: Free Hosting and Linking

With TermsFeed, there’s no need to create a separate page on your website or an additional mobile app screen for your legal agreements. TermsFeed hosts this content free of charge.

Neat Feature #2: Free Policy Update Notifications

When changes to your legal agreements are required, you’ll receive a free email notification from TermsFeed. The company keeps track of laws and regulations across multiple countries and sates to ensure your agreements are always up to date.

Neat Feature #3: Free Templates

If you don’t wish to purchase a premium policy, you can download free privacy policy templates, cookies policy templates, terms & conditions templates, disclaimer templates, end user license agreement (EULA) templates and return & refund templates.

Customer Support

The “Help” section of the TermsFeed website includes answers to many frequently asked questions — however, it does not include a phone number. If you need additional support, you may click the “Help” button in the lower right side of your screen, submit your name, email address and message, and wait for a response. Or, you can head to the “Contact” page and submit a support ticket via email.

Attorney Support

According to TermsFeed’s disclaimer, “legal support is not legal advice.” Your use of any information or forms is provided at your own risk, and no employee of the company is authorized to provide legal support. This is part of the reason why TermsFeed can offer such low prices for its forms, when compared to forms drafted by an attorney.

State-Specific Info

TermsFeed’s online legal agreements are available for use in all 50 states, as well as international companies. You select your country and state as part of the form generation process.


TermsFeed does not appear to provide a guarantee of its services. However, if you view the company’s Terms of Use page, it appears that TermsFeed does issue refunds for contracts within 7 days of the original contract purchase.

TermsFeed Reviews and Testimonials

You can find TermsFeed reviews on the Termsfeed website. At the time of writing this TermsFeed review, the average customer ranking was 4.9 stars.


TermsFeed has many positive reviews and testimonials on its website, and is affordable and easy to use. Its free hosting and notifications of required updates could also come in handy. All in all, TermsFeed appears to be a good option for companies who need online website policies. We rank TermsFeed as one of the best companies for website policies.
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