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TrademarkPlus Review

Overall Score: #3

TrademarkPlus is the editor’s pick for one of the best online trademark services. Read our in-depth TrademarkPlus review below. You can also use the following link to see a helpful side-by-side comparison of the best online trademark services.


The prices for TrademarkPlus’s Trademark Search Packages range from $199 to $399. Their Trademark Registration Packages range from $149 to $399. This is on the low-to-medium end of pricing for the online trademark companies we reviewed. The USPTO’s federal trademark filing fees are a separate cost and never included in trademark website price lists.

Trademark SEARCH Pricing

Trademark REGISTRATION Pricing

Ease of Use

In general, the ordering process seems simple and easy. The website is well thought out and easy to navigate.


TrademarkPlus will process your trademark search within two to three business days of receiving your application materials. For an additional fee, you can request their 24-hour expedited service. This timing is in line with what competitors provide.

Comprehensive Searching

If you choose the Worldwide and U.S. Search or the Complete Trademark Registration Package ($399), you’ll get a comprehensive worldwide and U.S. Trademark Search. This includes search results of all pending and registered U.S. Federal trademarks, Canadian, European Community, and United Kingdom trademarks, U.S. common law sources, and more.

Neat Feature #1: Analytical Search Results

Anyone can conduct a search of the U.S. Trademark database — but TrademarkPlus’s online trademark search services go beyond basic search results, providing in-depth, analytical information, with clear summaries. They will identify similar trademarks that could conflict with yours, and check the likelihood that your application will be registered or rejected. This can help you get a good idea of whether your proposed name is worth pursuing.

Neat Feature #2: Trademark Watching Services

TrademarkPlus’s Trademark Watching Services help you protect your brand by monitoring your mark at the U.S., Federal, State, or International level, and alerting you if anyone is attempting to use a similar mark.

Customer Support

When you visit the support page for TrademarkPlus, you’ll find a comprehensive Help Center with lots of frequently asked questions and answers. You can also contact the company by phone, or by submitting an email inquiry using a form on the website.

Attorney Support

Attorney support is not included, and TrademarkPlus is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Their website is clear about this. However, their services are much less expensive than those of a trademark attorney. Also, if you receive a Trademark Office Action letter with legal objections to your filed trademark application, TrademarkPlus can put you in touch with an experienced Trademark Attorney, who will explain your options and provide a free estimate for Office Action Response services.

Trademark Specialty

Because TrademarkPlus specializes in trademarks, they may have more specialized knowledge in this area than an online legal warehouse.

Reviews and Testimonials

We found a number of positive TrademarkPlus reviews on TrustPilot. There were 19 reviews listed at the time of this TrademarkPlus review, and all were five-star reviews. We want to believe that these reviews are accurate, but it’s difficult to be sure.


TrademarkPlus is not BBB accredited, but we did find four complaints about the company on the BBB website, over the past three years. For a company of this size, this is actually a relatively low number of complaints. One complaint was resolved, but as of this review, the business had failed to respond to two complaints. Read the details here.

Trademark Specialization

TrademarkPlus specializes in trademarks, and offers Trademark Registration, Trademark Search, and Trademark Watching Services.

In Business Since has been in business since 1999. In the online trademark business, this is a long time.


According to the Privacy and Security page on the TrademarkPlus website, the company uses SSL security standards to encrypt all of your credit card and personally identifiable information while it is in transit. In addition, their servers are protected by a firewall. However, we did not see any logos for trusted third-party security providers, such as McAfee or Norton.


Due to TrademarkPlus’s relatively low price and comprehensive analytical search results, we recommend it as a top online trademark service.

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