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Overall Ranking: #4
DivorceWriter received 3 stars and made the editor’s list of the best online divorce form services. We completed our DivorceWriter evaluation by reviewing DivorceWriter's offerings along with other DivorceWriter reviews. Don't forget to use our side-by-side comparison chart to compare DivorceWriter to the best online divorce services before you buy.
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How Much is DivorceWriter?

DivorceWriter is one of the cheapest national divorce form providers. DivorceWriter charges about half ($137) of what the top national divorce form providers charge ($299).

How Fast is DivorceWriter?

Once completed, your DivorceWriter divorce forms can be sent to you via email, if you choose, providing virtually instant availability. You can also choose to have paper forms delivered by DivorceWriter via Priority Mail.

How Easy is DivorceWriter to Use?

Like many divorce form websites, DivorceWriter uses special technology to complete your divorce forms for you, based on your answers to their questions. This is an easy way to fill out your divorce forms, with less guesswork. Once you complete their online interview, DivorceWriter will either e-mail or mail your document package, which includes guidelines for submitting your divorce forms. Sounds easy enough — and their testimonials indicate that customers generally find the process simple to complete.

Full Editing Capabilities

If you need to make changes to your DivorceWriter divorce forms, you can log into your account and adjust your online interview responses. Then, you can e-mail your documents to yourself and re-print them. Customers who prefer to have hard copies shipped may make this request by e-mailing DivorceWriter's customer service department.

Customer Support

DivorceWriter customer support is provided via e-mail and toll-free phone, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PDT, Monday through Friday. The company also has an online help center, with answers to frequently asked questions and a searchable database of help topics.

Attorney Support

DivorceWriter does not provide attorney Support. Their Customer Service staff is unable to answer questions of a legal nature. However, with the low price of their divorce forms, this is to be expected.

State-Specific Info

DivorceWriter provides state-specific information for 49 of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., but it does not provide support for Missouri.


A 100% Money-Back Guarantee is included with any DivorceWriter purchase. If the court rejects your documents, you may request and receive a full refund.

Focus on Divorce

DivorceWriter.com only offers online divorce forms. However, its parent company, Pro Se Planning Inc., also owns two other legal form websites with different specialties.

DivorceWriter Reviews & Testimonials

There are a number of positive DivorceWriter testimonials on the DivorceWriter website.

Additional Services

Pro Se Planning Inc. is also the parent company for LegacyWriter.com, a do-it-yourself estate planning website, and TotalLegal.com, offering custom legal documents and free or discounted attorney services.

BBB Accredited

The parent company for DivorceWriter, Pro Se Planning Inc., has been a BBB Accredited Business since May 1, 2003. It currently has an A+ rating, which is the highest available rating.


When conducting our DivorceWriter review, we found that Pro Se Planning, Inc. has received 11 complaints with the BBB over the last three years, with three complaints closed in the last 12 months. Three complainants verified the issue was resolved to their satisfaction. That leaves eight unresolved complaints. While that may sound like a lot, it does not seem excessive for a company of this size, especially over a three-year period. And, the company’s A+ rating means it is still in very good standing with the BBB.

In Business Since

DivorceWriter has been offering online divorce forms since 2005. Its parent company, Pro Se Planning Inc. has been around even longer, although we couldn’t find a year of incorporation listed on their website.


The DivorceWriter website has been tested and certified secure by McAfee Secure, one of the world's leading security technology providers.

Our Conclusion

The DivorceWriter.com web design looks a bit outdated and less sophisticated than some of its competitors, and the services it offers are pretty basic. However, its BBB rating and testimonials indicate that the company is trustworthy and professional. DivorceWriter’s low price makes it very appealing, but we view other popular divorce form providers as better options.

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