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3 Step Divorce was our selection for best online divorce form service. Our comprehensive 3StepDivorce Review can be viewed below. Don’t forget to compare 3 Step Divorce to the best online divorce services.
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How Much is 3 Step Divorce?

3StepDivorce.com charges a one-time flat fee of $299, with no additional fees. You can also opt to pay in installments (2 monthly payments of $157; or 3 monthly payments of $109; or even 4 monthly payments of $84). Divorce can be expensive — even with online divorce forms — so we can see how the installment option could be helpful.

When you consider the bonus items offered, such as free wills for both spouses and access to divorce eBooks and manuals, we believe 3 Step Divorce is the best value of all the major divorce form providers.

How Fast is 3 Step Divorce?

If you need your divorce forms completed quickly, 3 Step Divorce is a great choice. Using the company’s website, you can have your divorce papers completed, printed, and ready for signatures in less than an hour. Documents can be printed immediately, with no wait time.

How Easy is 3 Step Divorce to Use?

As the name suggests, 3 Step Divorce breaks down the process of completing your online divorce forms into 3 simple steps. Users create an account, answer questions, and instantly generate and print completed forms, along with step-by-step filing procedures.

Some customers may find the question-and-answer format easier to use than a fill-in-the-blank format. Instead of typing answers into a form, you simply answer questions, and 3 Step Divorce’s software fills in the blanks for you. We like the added feature of being able to answer questions at your own pace, and saving your answers as you go along. This way, if you get interrupted (or need to look for an answer to a question), you can save your progress, log out, and return to your forms when you are ready.

Full Editing Capabilities

You can change answers, reprint, or edit your forms as often as you like, with no additional fees. Some competitors, including LegalZoom, only provide editing capabilities for 30 days.

Bonus #1: Free Will (for each spouse)

In our 3 Step Divorce review, we discovered a number of “Bonus Features” that set this company apart from its competitors. For example, the 3 Step Divorce offers a free Will for both spouses. Since it’s a good idea to update your will after a divorce, this is a logical bonus feature that is really appreciated.

Bonus #2: Free Name Change for Wife

The name change process can be a hassle — and even if you think you’ve followed all the right steps, in the right order, it can be easy to forget to notify an important party. Wives may or may not choose to change their names after a divorce, but if they do, a guide like this could help make the process simpler.

Bonus #3: Online Divorce Negotiation Center

We couldn’t find a lot of information about this on the 3 Step Divorce website, but it is advertised as an “online negotiation tool.” If it does what the company claims, you may be able to successfully settle some issues without getting an attorney involved, which could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Bonus #4: 40+ Self-Help Divorce eBooks

This is a unique and very useful feature. 3 Step Divorce customers get access to eBooks on a range of divorce topics, including legal, financial and emotional issues.

Bonus #5: $50 Cash Rebate

If you file your divorce paperwork no later than end of the day after you purchase your divorce papers, 3StepDivorce will give you a $50 cash rebate.

Customer Support

Toll free phone and email support are included with 3 Step Divorce’s service platform. Phones are answered Monday through Friday, from 9 am -5 pm EST. Phone support is a useful feature, because sometimes it’s easier — and faster — to have your questions answered by a real person.

Does 3 Step Divorce Provide Attorney Support?

3 Step Divorce does not provide attorney support or legal advice. This means their service is not a substitute for an attorney — however, if you have an uncontested divorce and prefer to file on your own, it can be a good solution. Some of the other top divorce form providers offer legal advice for an additional fee which can be handy if you need legal advice.

State-Specific Info

3 Step Divorce provides state-specific divorce forms, which is critical because each state has different regulations pertaining to divorce. The state specific forms allows them to guarantee their forms.


3 Step Solutions, LLC (the owner of 3StepDivorce.com) offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee that its documents will be accepted by the court. If documents are rejected and it is due to the fault of 3 Step Divorce, you will receive a 100% refund. See the full Guarantee.

Focus on Divorce

Because 3 Step Divorce focuses on online divorce forms, their knowledge base and service offerings are more specialized than larger online legal form providers. Specialization may mean that a legal form provider will be more up-to-date on regulatory changes.

3 Step Divorce Reviews and Testimonials

You can find over 100 positive 3 Step Divorce reviews and testimonials on the 3StepDivorce website and another 1,300 on TrustPilot. The 3 Step Divorce reviews on their website are accompanied by state symbols, so you can scroll down and see what others in your state are saying about 3StepDivorce. You may have to look a little deeper for negative reviews. In fact, as of this online review, we couldn’t find any negative reviews for 3 Step Divorce.com.

In Business Since

3 Step Divorce was a service of Divorcesource.com, which has been online since 1997. This is almost unheard of for the online legal form industry. In 2021, Internet Brands (the parent company of Nolo) acquired 3 Step Divorce.


3 Step Divorce protects its customers with McAfee and Norton Secured, which is powered by VeriSign. These are leading web security companies. VeriSign technology is used to encrypt all personal information you provide to the company, including your name, credit card number and address. In addition, McAfee, Inc. tests the company’s site, software, and server daily for vulnerability clearance.

In the News

Divorce Source Inc., the parent company for 3 Step Divorce, has been nationally recognized in a number of media outlets, including USA Today, CNN, Forbes and National Public Radio (NPR).
Ability to Edit10
Ease of Use10

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