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Overall Trademark Score: #5
MyCorporation Business Services, Inc. (MyCorporation) ranks as one of our top 5 Trademark registration companies. It’s one of the most affordable trademark providers and has a stellar reputation. Read our MyCorporation review below for more details and then compare MyCorporation to the best online trademark services and best online LLC formation services.
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How Much is MyCorporation?

Trademark Application services at MyCorporation start at $199 (+ USPTO Filing Fees of $275 per class/application). Express processing adds $100 to your bottom line and speed up the processing times to around 48 hours. MyCorporation can also perform two kinds of trademark searches to make sure your trademark is available (and not infringing on another’s mark). A comprehensive search of the plain text of the proposed trademark is $249 while a comprehensive search related to the design elements (i.e. your logo) is $299. You can get a $49 discount if you have MyCorporation perform both of these searches ($499 total for both searches).


MyCorporation will complete your trademark application or trademark search in 2 – 5 business days. You can pay an extra $100 to expedite this process if time is of the essence. Please note that the above timeframes are for the processing of the MyCorporation’s service. The total time it takes to get a registered trademark (due to the US Patent and Trademark Office policies), can be between 9-16 months.

Ease of Use

The MyCorporation website is easy to use. To apply for a trademark, simply select the service, answer a few questions, and MyCorporation will prepare your forms for you. There are helpful FAQs embedded in the questionnaires, but you can also call MyCorporation directly and one of their experts will walk you through the process.

Neat Feature #1: Learning Center

MyCorporation offers many online articles and resources through its Learning Center. This can be very helpful to business owners who may have questions.

Neat Feature #2: Free Payroll Consultation

Payroll can cause headaches for many business owners. That’s why it’s encouraging to see that MyCorporation offers potential customers a free payroll consultation. It looks like this service is provided through a partnership with Paychex®, a reputable payroll services provider.

Customer Support

MyCorporation provides customer support by phone, live chat or email.

Attorney Support

MyCorporation is a document filing service, and does not provide its customers with financial or legal advice. Because of this, it can offer much lower pricing than an attorney.

Additional Services

MyCorporation offers more than trademark services. It also offers business formation services, like forming an LLC or corporation, and copyright services.

BBB Accredited

MyCorporation is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but has an A+ BBB rating.

MyCorporation Reviews and Testimonials

MyCorporation reviews are hosted through TrustPilot, a verified third party review provider. TrustPilot lists MyCorporation as an “Excellent” Company. 80% of the almost 200 MyCorporation Reviews on TrustPilot are 5 (out of 5) stars.

In Business Since

MyCorporation has been helping their customers form and maintain their businesses since 1998.


At the time of this MyCorporation review writing, there were no MyCorporation complaints listed on the BBB website. In addition, MyCorporation responded to each and every customer that gave less than 5 stars on TrustPilot.


Because of its low cost, business focus, positive reviews and impressive longevity in the online legal forms industry, we recommend MyCorporation in both trademark application AND trademark search categories.

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TrustPilot Reviews
"Highly recommended mycorporation. Especially with employees like Scott I wouldn't go anywhere else. Trust that you are in good hands!"
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